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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Top 5 Mystery Freakin' Island Songs of Summer

For those of you who are Lost fanatics, Wednesday night’s phenomenal season finale probably left you feeling shocked and confused (feelings that Lost fans are no stranger to). Not only do we have to wait eight months before the sixth and final season of J. J. Abram’s masterpiece of mystery and adventure, but we also have to find a way to get the image of a bloodied Juliet beating on a hydrogen bomb out of our heads (at least for now). The question of what actually happened and whether or not the bomb went off is still subject for debate, a debate that will more than likely drive you to insanity. Fear not! There are other ways to sooth your hunger for time-travel, action, romance, philosophy and sweaty, attractive survivors of a plane crash. The answer is, of course, music! I have compiled a top 5 list I would like to call:

The Top 5 Mystery Freakin’ Island Songs of Summer:

  1. Beach Boys – “Wouldn’t It Be Nice”

The lyrics of this song really express the feelings of all of the couples on the island. They have wishful thinking of a long happy life together, but deep down they know a “future” may not be possible. It especially makes me think of the Sawyer/Juliet relationship.

  1. Beck – “Gamma Ray”

Many people believe this song is about global warming. That is a fine deduction, but it makes me think of the survivor’s constant button pushing in the hatch, as well as the ever present energy that is being contained underground.

  1. Bob Marley – “Natural Mystic”

Lost has always held on to the theme of mysticism, with the smoke monster and all of the unexplained phenomena, and this song holds on to the theme of the island having a mind of its own and how the survivors are basically at the island’s mercy. This could also be John Locke’s theme song.

  1. Kings of Leon – McFearless

This song is all about being strong and accepting your place in the world. The characters on Lost are constantly battling with this idea. In the end, I believe all of the losties must each become “Mcfearless.”

  1. John Denver – Leaving On A Jet Plane

This song, if not taken literally, is a great song for the beginning of the series, and possibly for the beginning of season six. If the hydrogen bomb did go off, every one will land safely in Los Angeles and never know each other . . . . or will they?

- Jessica Cole

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