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Thursday, May 14, 2009

The prophecy of Kanye


ATTENTION EVERYONE: KANYE WEST HAS SPOKEN. Hip-hop’s very own definition of ego has prophesied the next great music sensation. In this month’s NME, West pegs Mr. Hudson (whose real name is Ben), a British singer, as the next big thing. Perhaps hoping for a self-fulfilling prophecy, West produced Mr. Hudson’s second album, Straight No Chaser, and collaborated with him on his single “Supernova.” The single is set to hit stores June 13. West has promised to help Hudson get worldwide recognition and expects him to be even bigger than West himself (a tall order from the self-proclaimed greatest). West has said that the London-based musician has a Sinatra-like sound that will be a huge hit. Let’s hope, for his own sake (an ours), that Hudson picks up West’s musical talent but leaves behind the attitude. There isn’t a music industry big enough to handle two Kanye West’s.

-Laurie Moot

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