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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Front Line of 'Battle Studies'

One of the great things about the ever-evolving internet is the way some artists have harnessed the perks of the technology to get fans closer to the production of albums, to get them special access to new tracks and to even give away tickets to their shows. The possibilities are endless for bands who utilize web tools such as Twitter and blogs to constantly update those who are interested. There is no better example of this than blues rocker, John Mayer. During his 2008 summer tour, Mayer’s official website offered ticket holders the opportunity to vote for the song they wished to hear during each show’s encore. Fans were given three songs to choose from and could vote 24 hours before the show began. Not only could you vote for the song of your choice, but after the concert, fans could download the entire live set absolutely free from Mayer’s website.

Unfortunately, Mayer is not currently touring but anxious fans have a cure for their blues for the blues (haha). If you log on to you can read and watch the making of John Mayer’s upcoming album, Battle Studies. He is an avid Twitter user and the blog is frequently updated with videos that include snippets of new tracks, as well as Mayer’s insights into the making of the new record. The site offers just enough updates to satiate the appetite of a Mayer-deprived summer. But don’t take too long John, we can’t wait to hear the next stage of your increasingly legendary career!

- Jessica Cole

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