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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Artist of the Day: SOJA


“We’re all got our weaknesses,” sings Jacob Hemphill (or Bobby Lee, it’s hard to decipher) on SOJA’s new song. Well, mine is reggae. And while they have apparently around for a while (try almost 10 years), it’s a new discovery for me. Luckily, they show no signs of slowing up. The new song, called “I Don’t Wanna Wait,” is available on iTunes for those fans who don’t wanna wait until the album comes out. SOJA, which stands for Soliders of Jah Army, hail from our nation’s capitol, which lends a certain consciousness to their records. They came together in D.C. in 1997, and have released three full length albums since 2000. Their new album, “Born in Babylon” is scheduled for release this summer. This is no studio band, though- they hit the road for an average of 150 gigs per year.

Who's Who:

Jacob Hemphill - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Bobby Lee - Lead Vocals, Bass
Ryan Berty - Drums
Patrick O'Shea - Keyboards
Kenny Bongos – Percussion

Formed: 1997 in Washington, D.C.

Label: DMV (Indie)

On the Web:

-Julie McCollum

Listening to: "Open My Eyes" by SOJA

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