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Friday, May 22, 2009

"Take the Trip this Summer"

No matter where you look, especially in Athens, it is impossible to not notice all of the flyers for music festivals that are popping up all over the Southeast and even across the country. This mass uprising of festivals may have something to do with our slacking economy and the people’s need for a time away from the constant stress of reality, but whatever the case, music festivals are hip again. So it is only fitting that the mother of all musical celebrations, Woodstock, is getting a rise in interest, from frolicking hippies to visor-wearing frat guys, the legendary ‘60s era musical gathering is becoming more and more recognized by the youth of the nation and as a result we are now being presented with “Taking Woodstock,” Ang Lee’s newest film starring Emile Hirsch and comedian Demetri Martin. The film is based on the autobiography of Elliot Teichberg, a man who is simultaneously coming to terms with his homosexuality while helping bring the Woodstock festival back to the mainstream in 1969.

“Taking Woodstock” premiered at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival this month, and received uninspiring reviews from Variety and Entertainment Weekly, but don’t judge Lee’s effort just yet, he is also the brains behind 2005’s Academy Award winning film, “Brokeback Mountain,” so his cinematic vision should not be underestimated. No matter what the box office result, “Taking Woodstock” should be a well-received production, at least for the youth demographic and for the older crowd who can relate to the ultimate experience of Woodstock. The film will be released in theaters August 14, so get ready to turn on, tune in and drop out in the ‘Summer of Love’ 1969.

Here is the trailer. Enjoy!

- Jessica Cole

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