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Friday, October 30, 2009

Live Music in the Classic City: Friday, Oct. 30 & Saturday, Oct. 31


40 Watt Club
An Albatross
Dark Meat
Noot D'Noot
Doors: 9 PM

Caledonia Lounge
Jon Guthrie Benefit Show
Burns Like Fire
So It Goes

Doors: 9:30 PM

Farm 255
Chinatown Diary
The Granfaloons
Doors: 11 PM

Flicker Theatre & Bar
Coyote Bones
Little Francis
Doors:  9 PM

The Melting Point
Kenosha Kid
Trey Wright Trio
Doors: 9 PM

Little King’s Shuffle Club
Pipes You See, Pipes You Don’t
Doors:  10 PM

Madonna to bring electricity to Malawian village


While we (Americans) view Madonna as a superstar and sex symbol, I’m positive Mphandula, a village in Malawi, view her as a saint. Her charity, Raising Malawi, has donated $500,000 for a child care center, feeding and educated 3,000 orphaned children.

Madonna has two adopted children from the poor African country. On a recent trip to Malawi, she announced (in Mphandula) she would bring electricity to the village.

“I know you work in darkness,” said the singer. “I will bring you electricity.”

Accompanied by her four children, Madonna broke ground last Monday for her $15-million Raising Malawi Academy for Girls. Approximately 500,000 children out of this nation of 12 million have lost a parent due to AIDS.

--Ashley Thompson
Currently listening to “Clair de Lune” by APM Orchestra

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Beyonce and her "Western Sexy" not welcome by all in Egypt


Egypt already claims one of the seven wonders of the world in The Great Pyramid of Giza. When Beyonce's worldwide "I am..." tour rolls into town on November 6, the question is simple: is this country big enough for two wonders of the world (the second, of course, being Beyonce's legs)?

Apparently not everyone thinks  so, as Egyptian Parliament member Hamdi Hassan of the conservative Muslim brotherhood is slamming his own government for allowing the performance.

Possible Zeppelin reunion permanently scrapped


Led Zeppelin fans had reason to rejoice after three of the original four members: bassist John Paul Jones, drummer Jason Bonham (son of the late John Bonham who played at the Zeppelin reunion in late 2007) and guitarist Jimmy Page entertained the thought of a short reunion tour, even in the absence of singer Robert Plant, who shunned the idea from the outset.

1.5 million steps to go - A detailed look inside the Georgia Theatre (with photos)


      Wilmot Greene is pointing around the charred shell of the Georgia Theatre, describing the nuances of his rebuilding plans ("The elevator will be there," "A top to bottom staircase is going to be right here, leading up to the roof") when his cell phone rings.
      "Sorry, gotta take this one," he says, and answers with his usual "What's up buddy?" to the caller.
      The caller is indeed a "buddy," and none other than Zac Brown, the namesake of the seemingly overnight mega-huge country group Zac Brown Band, who's gearing up for a major Georgia Theatre Benefit concert the following night at Atlanta's Fox Theatre.
      Welcome to the new life of those involved with the Georgia Theatre - four months of what has seemed like a never ending string of "I gotta take this" that began in the early morning hours of June 19 when fire tore through the iconic Athens landmark, leaving nothing but an unscathed marquee and four compromised walls. First came the well-wishers, then the benefit concerts (so many, infact, they were turned away until a proper place for the money was extablished), the press, fire inspectors, insurance agents, contractors, funds, trusts, societies - it's been quite the four months.

Canadian folk singer attacked & killed by coyotes


Canadian national park officials announced that up-and-coming folk singer Taylor Mitchell was attacked and killed by coyotes on Tuesday afternoon.  It was reported that Mitchell was at the head of a trail in Cape Breton Highlands National Park in Nova Scotia when the animals attacked.

Officials were alerted to the attack by a hiker who saw Mitchell and the coyotes and proceeded to call 911.  Although she was taken to a hospital, Mitchell died hours later. She was just 19 years old.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Artist of the Day: Anya Marina


Anya Marina got her start in the music industry being a disc jockey in San Diego. Soon after, she took the stage at open mic nights and began writing her own songs. In 2005, Marina released a five-song EP titled Exercises in Racketeering. Six tracks became a full-length LP that resulted in Miss Halfway. She was named one of the “Best Unsigned” acts by the San Diego CityBeat, and she began opening for acts like Jason Mraz and Rhett Miller.

In 2009, she released her second album Slow &steady Seduction: Pase II, which was produced by Brian Karscig from Louis XIV and Britt Daniel from Spoon. This summer, Marina won3San Diego Music Awards, nabbing Artist of The Year.

Jon Guthrie Benefit Show at Caledonia tomorrow

The Athens music community was shocked and saddened by the untimely death of local musician Jon Guthrie back in September. At only 26 years old, Guthrie had been making music and performing live for over a decade, leaving an indelible mark on this Athens.

To celebrate his memory, several bands and friends of the late Guthrie will be putting on the John Guthrie Benefit Show Friday night at the Caledonia Lounge.  It will be a night of high-energy music with Athens punk bands Guff, Thunderchief, So It Goes! and Burns Like Fire performing.

U2 to perform for 20th anniversary of Berlin Wall take down


This year marks the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.  Although it's a widely known facts that Germans can't get enough of  David Hasselhoff, it was U2, not the former "Baywatch" babe, that was chosen to play a historic concert in commemoration of the fall next week.

On November 5, U2 will perform live at the Brandenburg Gate — the historic Berlin landmark that once marked the doorway between the divided East and West Berlins.  Its likely that the guys from U2 will be playing songs from 1991's Achtung, Baby, which was inspired by the city and partially recorded in a Berlin studio.

Your Top 20 of 2009


Dear Readers,

Well, we've flipped the calendar to October - which means, in the publishing world, we've essentially flipped the calendar to December. That's's already time to think about our end of the year issue!

Our last issue of '09 hits on December 1st, and in it will be a comprehensive 2009 in Review spread. And now you've got a chance to become a part of it! Starting today, and running through November 1 (this Sunday!), we'll be collecting reader data on your Top 20 albums of 2009.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lilith Fair returns in 2010


Fem rock fanatics of the world, brace yourselves. Sarah McLachlan and a traveling troupe of female artists will unite in the summer of 2010 for the rebirth of Lilith Fair. The late '90s girl power music fest boasted genre spanning acts such as Sheryl Crow, Lisa Loeb, Missy Elliot, Martina McBride and Tegan and Sara during its run from '97-'99.

Although it was announced months ago that Lilith will be back on in 2010, a list of the first cities that will be hit by the girl band whirlwind was just posted on the web yesterday. What's the first city, you ask? That would be Atlanta. Other than a list of cities, there are no other definite details concerning dates of the Fair's lineup.

Show Pick of the Day: Chris Mckay & the Critical Darlings


If you haven’t had the privilege of experiencing Chris Mckay &the Critical Darlings, I'm truly sorry. But there’s hope for you yet. McKay and his Darlings will be in Athens tonight! Their silky vocals and electric guitar riffs merge the familiar and daring to create a power- pop- throwback sound the world’s not heard before.

Artist of the Day: Dead Man's Bones


Just in time for Halloween!

Dead Man’s Bones sounds like it may be some sort of death metal/goth rock with roaring vocals and a lead singer that may bite the heads off of bats, but the name of the band couldn’t be more misleading. 

In actuality, Dead Man’s is what I like to call the indie goth-rock folk stylings of actor-turned-musician Ryan Gosling and his right hand man, actor Zach Shields.  Together with the Silverlake Conservatory of Music Children’s Choir, a music education facility based in Los Angeles that was co-founded by Red Hot Chili Pepper’s Flea, the group has made a debut record (released Oct. 6) that is extremely unique and ghoulishly entertaining.

NEW Taylor Swift on DWTS

There’s no doubting Taylor Swift has become a country-pop sensation as she continuously graces the stage on popular music television and award shows. But following last week’s monumental Michael Jackson tribute, Swift made her second appearance on Dancing With The Stars as a guest performer during a professional dance. Though DWTS has lost some of its hype with mediocre stars like failed pop artist Aaron Carter, appearing on the show has some holy-like stigma attached to it still.

Listen to 'The Georgia Theatre Special' on radio this week


This week you can listen to "The Georgia Theatre Special" featuring music an interview with Georgia Theatre owner Wilmot Greene to learn more about the history of the beloved Theatre and more about the rebuilding process.

On two different TAIT Radio shows — Radio JimmyDreamz and SandBar Radio — this week, tune in to hear Wilmot Greene discuss the Theatre preservation effort.

Pavement to play Primavera Fest


As we told you back in September, influential and long-broken-up indie rock band Pavement plans to reunite for a number of live shows around the world next year. Fans have been waiting for this reunion for a long time, and now it's time to add another show to the list. It was just announced that the band will headline Barcelona's Primavera Sound Festival in May.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ghouls Gone Wild Halloween Party


It's the most wonderful time of the year — Halloween. The big day is nearly upon us, and while thousands of Athenians will make the pilgrimage to the football Mecca that is Jacksonville, Fla., many others will stay in town to celebrate the creepiest holiday of the year.

It's not hard to find a good time on Halloween in Athens, with parades and parties and hordes of costumed people walking the streets of downtown. And this Halloween will see the return of dance party maestros Krush Girls at the 40 Watt for their Ghouls Gone Wild Party. Freaky!

Artist of the Day: Joanna Newsom


Joanna Newsom has been a critical darling since releasing her first album, The Milk-Eyed Mender, in 2004.  Her psych-folk is driven by beautiful harp plucking, setting it apart from its contemporaries. Mixing her non traditional harp playing, lyrics about beetles, sprouts and beans and eerie childlike voice, the 27-year-old creates a sound that is both strange and captivating. 

Mender was followed up by 2006's Ys, an even more inventive offering.  Ys' tracks are centered on a fictional land in France that is destroyed by the sea and features Newsom backed by a full orchestra, adding to the album's epic tone.  This album gained even more critical accliam for Newsom and was included in countless "best of" lists for 2006. 

Zac Brown Band (& Co.) Benefit Georgia Theatre THIS Friday


The Zac Brown Band and The Georgia Theatre are old pals. The six-piece band from Dahlonega, Ga. first played at The Theatre when they opened for the band Brighter Shade, of which bassist John Hopkins was a member. Most people around Athens know the band from hearing them at the beloved Georgia Theatre; it’s the place that helped the ZBB establish a loyal fan base. The last appearance ZBB had at The Theatre was during the same week “Chicken Fried” reached the No. 1 spot on the charts. Now, the band wants to lend a helping hand (or fist full of money) to the venue which helped them achieve such enormous success.

With the GATH currently displaying “intermission” on its marquee, the official announcement that The Theatre will, in fact, be rebuilt after the devastating fire which gutted the venue came with a sigh of relief last week. However, building the famous venue to code (& better) will cost something to the tune of  $3 million. The Theatre is asking for any and all help people can afford to send their way, and bands like ZBB are definitely extending their generosity.

“My band and many others have come up playing there,” Brown said in a statement the band released. “That building means far more to us, and the community, then its brick and mortar foundation. We want to make sure that it gets proper funding so we can rebuild it better than it was.”

Monday, October 26, 2009

Los Campesinos! 'Romance is Boring'


Los Campesinos! are a delightful bunch of Cardiff University (Wales) students that were called together in 2006 to deliver indie- pop tunes to the masses.

Their latest creation, Romance is Boring, is scheduled for release on CD, digital and vinyl (take your pick) February 10, 2010 on Wichita.

It’s produced by John Goodmanson, the guy who also produced We are Beautiful, We are Doomed .The album features Xiu Xiu’s amie Stewart, Parenthetical Girl’s Zac Pennington, and the Dead Science’s Jherek Bischoff.

Romance is Boring covers an array of topics, from rotting corps to athletics. On their website, they stated:

Morrissey collapses on stage


British rocker and former Smith's frontman Morrissey collapsed onstage Saturday night during a show in Swindon, England . After performing his first song of the night, "This Charming Man," Moz collapsed and had to be carried off stage by his band. He was taken to a nearby hospital and treated for respiratory issues. He was released from the hospital Sunday morning.

Concertgoers were not happy to see the iconic rocker's show cut short. Morrissey is notorious for canceling his shows, and, according to reports, there was booing from the audience as the unconscious Morrissey was taken off stage.

Open Mic Night Round 2 starts tonight at Rye Bar!


The second round of The Athens Blur Magazine and Rye Bar's Epic Open Mic Night starts tonight! The five week series takes place at Rye Bar at 140 Clayton St. downtown (below Helix). Tonight's show starts at 9:30.

Six solo and duo acts will have perform three-song sets and duke it out for a chance to move on to the finals. Each act will be scored by three judges from the Athens music community.  The scores depend on vocal ability, instrumental ability, songwriting and performance.  The winner will be awarded with a final 30 minute victory set and a chance to compete in the finals.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Sublime reunion under fire


As we told you early last month, '90s surfer reggae rock group Sublime will reunite at the Cyprus Hill Smokeout Festival in San Bernandino, Cali., this weekend. The group has been broken up since 1996, and there's just one little snag preventing a full-on reunion: frontman Brad Nowell passed away from a drug overdose 13 years ago.

So this reunited Sublime actually consists of  two thirds of the original members. Sublime's bassist Eric Wilson and drummer Floyd ‘Bud’ Gaugh and the newly added singer Rome Ramirez (a.k.a. Todd Rundgren) are the new Sublime. And Nowell's family is not very happy about this reworked version of the band.

Take a Trip to Little Tybee


It’s a crisp 70-degree Sunday afternoon. The windows in your car are down and the tangerine-colored sun has dropped into your peripheral as the road behind becomes a winding blur of the week’s hardships. You take a deep breath, sucking in the pure and effortless voice of Brock Scott and exhaling with smile only echoed by quartet’s piano-driven melodies. Ah, yes-- perfect days are what Little Tybee’s all about.

Them Crooked Vultures album due out next month


The latest supergroup to hit the rock 'n roll scene, Them Crooked Vultures finally announced that its self titled debut album will be released November 17th.  Fans of members Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters), Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age) and John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin) have been anxiously awaiting this album since the band's live debut back in August.

Rihanna's New Album Gets an 'R-Rating'


The cover for for Rihanna’s new single from her upcoming album Rated-R looks borderline Rated-X but hey, the girl is growing up.  Good girl gone bad seems like an understatement.

After 6 months worth of “bad” publicity with the whole Chris Brown debacle, Rihanna is finally in the press for something besides domestic violence (and it’s a breath of fresh air).  It’s been over two years since Rihanna’s summer anthem “Umbrella” hit number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, and after a few guest appearances on singles such as Jay-Z’s “Run this Town”, the pop star is back with a more mature album set to release on November 23.

Accidentals And Noteworthy Benefit Concert @ UGA Chapel

If you’ve never been to a music concert at the UGA Chapel, it is an aesthetic experience to say the least. The Chapel dates back to the beginnings of UGA (1785) and its historical feel and ancient acoustics make for a pleasing and unconventional music venue.

The UGA Chapel will play host to UGA acapella groups The Accidentals and Noteworthy in a benefit concert tonight. Though tickets have been sold the past few days in Tate Plaza, the chance to get a seat at the concert is still available. The remaining unsold tickets will be available at the door.

Live Music in the Classic City: Friday, Oct. 23 & Saturday, Oct. 24



40 Watt Club
Middle Class Rut
Social Distortion
Doors: 7:30 PM

Caledonia Lounge
The Interns
Or, The Whale
Thayer Sarrano
Doors: 10 PM

Farm 255
Jacob Morris
Still Small Voice and Joyful Noise
Doors: 11 PM

Flicker Theatre & Bar
Jason Beckham’s Innocent
Richard Sherfey and All God’s Children
Doors:  9 PM

The Globe
Melvin Mathurin Jazz Quartet
Doors:  10:30 PM

Go Bar
Emily Armond
DJ Mahogany
Nana Grizol
Doors:  11 PM

Bon Jovi Announces New Tour


Reuters reported Bon Jovi will be hitting the road for almost two years to promote their 11th studio album The Circle. The band will play 135 shows in a total of 30 countries starting this February.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

MGMT Brings Sophomore Album “Congratulations” To 2010

Back off French president Nicolas Sarkozy, MGMT is done with your song-stealing drama and are finally ready to release their 2nd album, Congratulations.

For the past year, Malibu has been a haven of relaxation and soul-searching for MGMT’s Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser. The Brooklyn-bread duo has been enjoying the escape from the media hype associated with their 2008 piracy lawsuit against Sarkozy and has been letting the songwriting flow in their home-based Malibu studio.

Artist of the Day: Alan Cohen Experience


Maybe Alan Cohen Experience isn’t much of a moniker if your name’s Alan Cohen, but it is precise. From the band Family Junction, Cohen chooses to disguise himself under the title for his solo projects, which deliver a flighty -and -fun southern rock sound. By day, he is a conductor of the Orchestra of Personality, a colorful ensemble that encompasses many genres.

Show Pick of the Day: Zach Deputy


Get a little soul in your life and check out South Carolina’s Zach Deputy tonight at New Earth Music Hall.

Deputy is a one man band whose musical repertoire is an eclectic mix of soul, blues, calypso and r&b that comes together well with his powerful vocals and his roots rock rhythms. 

If you’re a fan of Keller Williams then Deputy is right up your alley.  He loops his own music and jams on his guitar giving a show that is both entertaining and impressive.

Deputy’s latest release is an LP entitled Sunshine which went for a more “pure” recording style, trying to create a sound that was as close to his live performances as possible.

To get a feel for tonight’s performance, head to Deputy’s Myspace, and if you dig him, then get a move on, the show starts at 9!

-          Jessica Cole

Currently Listening to:  “Games (Roll Tonight)” by Zach Deputy

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Nuçi's Space 9th anniversary party & 5K race


The ninth anniversary of Athens musicians' haven Nuçi's Space is upon us. To celebrate, Nuçi's will host a party tomorrow, October 23, with performances from Roy Coughlin and the Latin band One L. And like any other good birthday bash, they will have food, drinks and cake.

The Nuçi's people will also host an auction of  memorabilia donated by local bands such as Of Montreal, R.E.M., Drive By Truckers and more. The party will be from 5:30-10 p.m. at Nuçi's Space (396 Oconee St.). 

Lil Wayne facing jail time


Today is not Lil Wayne's day. This morning the rapper pleaded guilty to attempted possession of a weapon in the second degree, a charge that could land him in prison for up to one year.

Originally, Weezy pleaded not guilty to the weapon charges filed against him in New York; today's guilty plea was the result of a plea bargain, cutting down the possible jail time from three and a half years to one.

Stipe, other musicians join fight to close "Gitmo"


R.E.M. frontman Michael Stipe, along with Pearl Jam and Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor, has joined the fight to close the detainee center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, in response to learning bits of their respective bands' music was included as part of alleged torture tactics against prisoners.

It's official: The Georgia Theatre can (and will) rebuild


The embers of the Georgia Theatre fire on June 19 continued to smolder when Wilmot Greene and company first made their wishes clear: rebuild the historic landmark bigger and better.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Google and Facebook to Offer Music



Google and Facebook are expected to add new features that will allow users to discover and sample songs on the Web.

Three anonymous sources told The New York Times Google has plans to announce a music proposal at an event it will host at the Capitol Records building in Hollywood a week from today.The feature will give music seekers a better way to learn about new artists or listen to entire albums.

The search giant will not actually host music itself, but rather offer several music streaming services –Lala,Imeem and iLike-- allowing listeners to sample music directly from their website. However, in most cases, an entire song will not be streamed, just a 30-second preview.

Show pick of the day: Groove Stain at Tasty World Uptown


Founded in 1997, Groove Stain’s been around a while—as bands go. And true to their name, the 5-piece band has been playing groovacious (yes, it’s a word on urban dictionary) melodies since. Together, they deliver a montage of reggae and rock, infusing vibrant horn lines that they’ve become known for.

The guys have played with some impressive names, including Ludacris, Eek a Mouse, SOJA, and Rehab.  When this band plays, people sing along. Need to move around a bit? These guys have got your back:

Your band could play The Classic Center on Nov. 20th!


In a band? How would you and your fellow bandmates like to open for southern rockers Atlanta Rhythm Section at The Classic Center? Here's your chance.

Atlanta Rhythm Section will play The Classic Center on Nov. 20 as part of the Budweiser Select Music Series, and the band that proves itself worthy will perform as the opening act. Along with playing the 8 p.m. slot before ARS, the winning band will receive $375 cash and five free tickets to the show.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs on iTunes Originals


Karen O's keeping busy this fall.  First she and a host of collaborators released the soundtrack for the much talked about "Where the Wild Things Are" movie.  Now O and her band the Yeah Yeah Yeahs have become the latest group to be featured on the iTunes Originals series.  The series is a set of digital recordings that include studio versions of some of the band's songs as well as interviews and acoustic tracks.

BrAcappella: UGA Supports Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Show your support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month by listening to some outstanding a cappella. Sounds easy enough. Local sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha, and UGA's award-winning a cappella groups, Noteworthy and The Accidentals, are putting on a benefit show this Monday, October 26th as UGA's Tate Center Ballroom @ 8 PM.

Tickets are $5.00 and can be purchased upfront by emailing, which can then be picked up at the door. Or, you may buy tickets at the door as you arrive.

All proceeds go to support Breast Cancer Awareness. See a preview of the night after the jump.

Free U2 Concert For Everyone!

With the new digital age of music and the over abundance of social media websites, U2 thought it would take advantage of this new media anomaly by showcasing their next live show on YouTube. A "living room series" is not unheard of, but a free live concert stream is a breakthrough.

This concert is being billed as the "first full-length global concert on YouTube." Everyone can tune in around 8:30 (PT) on Sunday night and catch a live stream of U2's half time concert at The Rose Bowl in Pasadena.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Beach House warms winter months with new album


Alex Scally and Victoria Legrand create an alternate atmosphere with their music—an ambiance filled with mystical, raspy, dream pop songs that seem to narrate your life.

The duo from Baltimore, Md. released their first album, Beach House, in 2006. The single, “Apple Orchard” received much acclaim and was featured on Pitchfork’s media mixtape. In 2008, they released their second album, Devotion.

Recently, Legrand lent her sultry pipes to the indie rock band Gizzly Bear (with whom they are currently on tour) for the tack “Slow Life” featured in the New Moon soundtrack.

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah frontman goes solo


Alec Ounsworth is giving fans something to clap about: his debut solo album, Mo Beauty, hits stores today. As frontman for the Brooklyn-and-Philadelphia-based indie band Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Ounsworth is known for his unique voice, feautured on CYHSY's self-titled debut album and the follow up Some Loud Thunder, as well as with his other side project Flashy Python.

Despite the fact that this disc is the first to be released under his own name, in a recent interview with Rolling Stone Ounsworth said all three of his projects are essentially solo efforts. In the interview, Ounsworth also discusses the future of CYHSY and his thoughts about his new disc. See the full interview and stream Mo Beauty in its entirety here

Film/TV composer Vic Mizzy dead at 93

Vic Mizzy, the composer behind the well-known "Addams Family" and "Green Acres" TV show theme songs, has died at his Bel-Air home.

Show Pick Of The Day: Violent Soho

Coming to Athens from the land down under, Violent Soho plays a mixture sounding something like murderous garage shrillness washed by waves of Australian surfer rock. Powering out tunes along the lines of Nirvana or Soundgardens’ musical genre, Violent Soho is the perfect mesh of indie garage rock to compliment Built to Spill and Disco Doom—the other bands they are currently touring with.

Artist of the Day: Atlas Sound


Athens born, Atlanta bred Bradford Cox is Atlas Sound. In fact, he's been using the moniker since he started recording himself on a tape player in the sixth grade. Atlas Sound Cox's side project from his main gig, Atlanta based quintet Deerhunter.  With his solo effort, Cox focuses more on his vocals and meandering pop sounds than the music of the punk influenced Deerhunter. Cox has explained hisdesire to do a solo project because it gives him the chance to work on "ideas that [he] can’t make work with a five piece rock band."

GMOA's "The Art of: Music" Tonight


Come out to tonight's installment of the "The Art of" series, hosted by the Georgia Museum of Art. As part of the GMOA's series, Stan Mullins and The Athens Blur Magazine are sponsoring "The Art of: Music" event. 

There will be live performances from  Grammy winner Art Rosenbaum, as well as The Around-the-Globe Sea Shanty Singers and Hawk-Proof Rooster.  Rosenbaum will be playing old time music and bluegrass. 

Monday, October 19, 2009

See 'It Might Get Loud' at Cine


The rockumentary "It Might Get Loud" examines the relationship between electric guitar and rock 'n roll god — three rock gods to be exact.  The 2008 film features The Edge, Jimmy Page and Jack White.

Directed by Davis Guggenheim ("An Inconvenient Truth"), this film traces some of rock's most influential guitar playing across different eras and sounds.  Led Zeppelin's Page revolutionized the late '60s and '70s hard rock sound.  The Edge's guitar sound has been the backbone for one of rock's most successful groups, U2, for decades.  And Jack White is the latest to rise to rock superstardom, first with his garage-guitar and drums duo The White Stripes, and later with The Raconteurs and the Dead Weather.

Get Ready for the Rumpus


In the spirit of Halloween — a holiday tailor made for Athens — and in keeping with the recent "Where the Wild Things Are" mania, on October 31st downtown Athens will play host to The Wild Rumpus 2009 Halloween Parade and Spectacle. 

The parade intends to capitalize on Athens' many artists, musicians and other creative types to have a Halloween activity that's "a collaborative, all-inclusive, peaceful, fun time for all. And to get our Ya-Yas out, and howl at the moon," according to the event's web site.

The Epic Open Mic Night Round 2


Calling all musicians in the Athens area--- Are you tired of writing songs but never receiving the credit you deserve? Do you have a bunch of lyrics hidden under your bed, but no one to sing them to? Well, The Athens Blur Magazine and Rye Bar have joined forces to help aspiring musicians like yourself get your talents heard with the return of the epic open mic night.

The competition series begins on Monday, October 26th and will last for six weeks at Rye Bar on 140 East Clayton Street (across from Transmetropolitan). Every Monday night six separate acts will have the opportunity to play a 20-minute set. 

Fourth Time's a Charm: Packway Handle TONIGHT


Today's forcast:
"A mainly sunny sky. High of 64. Winds light and variable. Chance of precipitation -- zero."

We'll take it!

Bring a blanket and hot coco to come welcome in the fall weather under the stars with dixie darling Lera Lynn of Birds & Wire and the area's most famous bluegrass band, Packway Handle.