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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Google and Facebook to Offer Music



Google and Facebook are expected to add new features that will allow users to discover and sample songs on the Web.

Three anonymous sources told The New York Times Google has plans to announce a music proposal at an event it will host at the Capitol Records building in Hollywood a week from today.The feature will give music seekers a better way to learn about new artists or listen to entire albums.

The search giant will not actually host music itself, but rather offer several music streaming services –Lala,Imeem and iLike-- allowing listeners to sample music directly from their website. However, in most cases, an entire song will not be streamed, just a 30-second preview.

Facebook spokewoman Brandee Barker announced the social networking site will also be integrating music to its site. Through Lala, users have the option to either purchase one Facebook credit for 10 cents via credit card and stream a song continually, or pay one dollar per song and be allowed to download it and then transfer the song to a personal music player.

--Ashley Thompson

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