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Friday, October 23, 2009

Take a Trip to Little Tybee


It’s a crisp 70-degree Sunday afternoon. The windows in your car are down and the tangerine-colored sun has dropped into your peripheral as the road behind becomes a winding blur of the week’s hardships. You take a deep breath, sucking in the pure and effortless voice of Brock Scott and exhaling with smile only echoed by quartet’s piano-driven melodies. Ah, yes-- perfect days are what Little Tybee’s all about.

Just an infant, Little Tybee was formed during the chilled months in Atlanta, Ga. in 2009. Named after Little Tybee Island, Ga., the band delivers the “rich coastal marshes and pristine beaches” via a masterful arrangement of piano, violin, synthesizer and guitar.

I Wonder Which House The Fish Will Live In, Little Tybee’s first—as this is the time for firsts-- EP, was recorded over just four days in Brock’s downtown apartment in Atlanta. The group teamed up with artist Jason Kofke to create original design for the album art.

The band’s first LP, Building A Bomb, is due for release next month. Keeping with the craftsmanship of, well, their craft, they recruited Kofke again to produce made-with-love covers for the upcoming album.

Next time you’re in the need of a little stay-cation, just pop in LT for some R&R.

Who’s Who:

Ryan Gregory-violin, percussion, vox

Brock Scott-vocals, Synth and Piano

Josh Martin-Electric guitar

--Ashley Thompson

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