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Monday, October 12, 2009

New Lips Album Out TOMORROW


The Flaming Lips are nothing if not original.

After all, this is the band responsible for Zaireeka, a four-disc CD the band insisted be played at the same time on separate players. And, The Soft Bulletin -- a synthesizer- infused album which required low-powered FM transmitters when played at live shows. The transmitter would broadcast each concert to small Walkman receivers and headphones that were distributed to the audience. The logic? With the transmitter, audience members could enjoy sonic clarity yet still experience the full authority of a P.A. system.

The Lips are full of novel stunts and unique blends of instrumentation. So when a band known for surprises announces they are releasing a new album, we listen…and wait…and watch.

Embryonic will be released to the general public tomorrow, October 13. The album, which has reportedly been in the making for three years, boasts 18 tracks:
Convinced Of The Hex
The Sparrow Looks Up At The Machine
Aquarious Sabotage
See The Leaves
Gemini Syringes
Your Bats
The Ego's Last Stand
I Can Be A Frog
Sagittarius Silver Announcement
Worm Mountain
Scorpio Sword
The Impulse
Silver Trembling Hands
Virgo Self-Esteem Broadcast
Watching The Planets

After downloading your copy on (read below), let us know what you think! Does Embryonic stay true to The Lips’ legacy or fall short of a masterpiece?

--Ashley Thompson
Currently listening to Castle

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