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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Athens Burning: A Georgia Theatre Documentary

With the tragic burning of Athens’ beloved Georgia Theatre in the recent past, the Athens music scene remembers daily the great loss of a historical venue. Theatre and music scene supporters around Athens have rallied their efforts to raise money for the rebuilding of the Theatre and the restoration of a necessary venue to the Athens music scene. Though the original Theatre can never be replaced, Athens’ musicians and concertgoers look forward to 2011 and the completion of the Theatre’s rebuilding.

In an attempt to hold onto the long history that was lost in the fire, a documentary centering on the Theatre and Athens music scenes’ history will be released along with the unveiling of the new Theatre.
According to the Theatre’s website, “The film features notable artists who performed at the venue over the years, the players in the music scene and at the theater over the decades, the fire, the fundraising such as benefit shows and community efforts, and the rebuilding.”

The film spans from the Theatre’s beginnings in the 1970’s to its ill-fated fire earlier this year.  However, the film ends on a happy note with the focus on rebuilding, showing how the Theatre’s misfortune brought together the people of Athens and, in an ironic twist, strengthened the Athens music scenes’ ties.

SphereVibe Films will spearhead the project with the full cooperation and endorsement of the Theatre. The DVDs will be available at Theatre, as well as online and at record stores. Keep and eye out for a trailer sometime next year and a screening at Cine upon the films completion.

-Marie Baginski
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