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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Artist of the Day: Alan Cohen Experience


Maybe Alan Cohen Experience isn’t much of a moniker if your name’s Alan Cohen, but it is precise. From the band Family Junction, Cohen chooses to disguise himself under the title for his solo projects, which deliver a flighty -and -fun southern rock sound. By day, he is a conductor of the Orchestra of Personality, a colorful ensemble that encompasses many genres.

His specialty is composing concept albums, like Revolutions, while collaborating with various artists to release innovative and outside-of-the-box EPs, like The Alan Cohen Experience and the upcoming Eat the Peace. This freethinker believes his music should be, too. On his official website, he wrote:

"Hello All!

I have recently decided to make all of my music free for download. For a long time now I have felt that music should be free. There are many other ways that folks use their dollars to express appreciation for a band, and I do not feel a need to ask people to do the same with my songs. Take them, share them, and enjoy them!

Alan Cohen"

Cohen’s known for his thought-provoking-- sometimes just plain weird--music videos on YouTube, like this one:

For his aforementioned upcoming EP Eat the Peace (Nov. 3), Cohen collaborates with Brooklyn producer Roger Greenawalt—who’s also worked with The Pierces, Ben Kweller an Nils Lofgren. The EP features Catherine Pierce of The Pierces on “Ranger Stranger” and “Truck Driver.”

Who’s Who: Alan Cohen
Label(s): independent/self released
Latest release: Your Mother Should Know (2009)

--Ashley Thompson
Currently listening to “Obama Groove” by Alan Cohen Experience
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