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Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's official: The Georgia Theatre can (and will) rebuild


The embers of the Georgia Theatre fire on June 19 continued to smolder when Wilmot Greene and company first made their wishes clear: rebuild the historic landmark bigger and better.

While it's hard to believe four months have passed since that day - and while much is still to be decided and the vast majority of funds are yet to be raised - the rebuilding efforts took a large step forward on Wednesday as The Athens Historic Preservation Commission granted Greene formal permission to begin resurrection work. The next step for the Theatre crew is securing th proper permits for the actual rebuilding process, which has been set in motion.

In an email sent Thursday morning, Greene detailed the Theatre's involvement with The Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation, the not-for-profit organization accepting tax-deductible donations on behalf of the rebuilding efforts (click here to give online!).

In addition, Greene detailed various levels of paid sponsorship for those willing to give. Those levels can be viewed here.

"As you know, The Georgia Theatre is a crucial part of the Athens music scene and downtown Athens," said Greene. "Thank you for any help you can give us in this effort."

- Alec Wooden

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