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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

School of Rock? This Kid's Already A Ph. D.


You think you can play Ozzy Osbourne’s classic track “Crazy Train” on an electric guitar? What about when you were 9 years old? The Japanese prodigy, 9-year-old Yuto Miyazawa, can accomplish this task easily, just ask Ellen Degeneres. The incredibly young guitarist appeared on The Ellen Degeneres Show May 11 to show off his craft and to wow audiences with his effortless technique. The little guy has been playing for as long as he has been walking and the dedication shines through his unlikely exterior. Using a Randy Rhodes, flying-v style guitar (an instrument that is taller than he is), Miyazawa has wowed viewers around the world with cover tracks of classic songs like Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Free Bird” and Eric Clapton’s “Crossroads.” The Guiness Book of World Records has placed Miyazawa in their vault, naming him the world’s youngest professional guitar player. He has already performed with guitar guru Les Paul and with the funk group Galactic. Needless to say, the future looks long and bright for this (very) young musician.

- Jessica Cole

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