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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Show Pick of the Day: Chris Mckay & the Critical Darlings


If you haven’t had the privilege of experiencing Chris Mckay &the Critical Darlings, I'm truly sorry. But there’s hope for you yet. McKay and his Darlings will be in Athens tonight! Their silky vocals and electric guitar riffs merge the familiar and daring to create a power- pop- throwback sound the world’s not heard before.

In 2004, Chris McKay scratched an itch to be back in a band after embarking on a solo career and formed The Critical Darlings. McKay and Frank Defreese endured success most bands wait years to achieve, and “only accepted invitations” for gigs during their first year together.

The quartet (now with Joe Orr and Josh Harrison) released their second album Satisfactionista in 2008. The album --which has scored rave reviews from some of Athen’s own-- was produced by David Barbe, whose clients include R.E.M., Drive-By Truckers and Betty Lavette. David Bowie’s pianist Mike Garson collaborated on the track "Something Unseen" along with Drive-By Trucker’s Brad Morgan who plays the drums.

If you’ve heard the Darlings, I don’t have to tell you who their biggest influences are (THE BEATLES, The Who, The Sex Pistols). And they are indeed adding another name to the long list of successful bands hailing from the Classic City.

On their latest venture, the band asked fans to rate their songs, this highest rated making the cut for the upcoming album. You can hear all the tunes on their official website. However, with the band being in our backyard this evening, I suggest booking it to the Calodenia Lounge  to catch this rip-roaring group in action.

--Ashley Thompson
Currently listening “Sadder Day” by Chris McKay & the Critical Darlings
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  1. Hi Ashley!

    Alec told me about this today! Thank you SO much. If you ever need anything from us, let me know. I hope we're as good as you make us sound!

    Take care,