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Monday, June 1, 2009

A New Beginning: Pearl Jam Breaks with Sony and Joins Forces with Target

Pearl Jam has recorded a Target commercial. The band's eighteen-year contract with Sony-affiliated labels has officially expired. A new album for Pearl Jam is in the works, rumored to be entitled, Backspacer. The manager of the band, Kelly Curtis, said in an interview, “We’’ have a lot of partners.”

The deal the band made with Target was not exclusive. Target is allowing Pearl Jam to have many other partners. This allows Pearl Jam to market and sell their new CD online, through mobile resources and gaming companies. The song recorded in the Target commercial from the new album is called “The Fixer” and will be released in July. Look out for tour dates in your area soon.

Check out “The Tonight Show” with Conan O’Brien tonight to hear the band play one new song. Pearl Jam originally thought they would not have the full album completed by now and is very surprised with their progress.

Curtis explained in an interview with Billboard "Everyone's making assumptions because Target is a big corporation," said Curtis. "Its important to remember we just got out of this 18 year relationship with Sony, and I'm pretty sure they are a bigger corporation than Target. We have the freedom to pick our partners and more control when we've ever had before. We're excited to choose who we're in business with."

-Sarah Saltzman

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