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Monday, June 15, 2009

The Black Crowes Two-Time with "Frost" and "Freeze"


The Black Crowes have recently announced the release of their new album Before the Frost…, which is due out September 1st. The band will introduce a new business model by giving a special code to those who purchase the album to get the second of the double-disc release, …Until the Freeze. Hoping to prove that true rock never dies, lead singer, Chris Robinson said, “I think we fulfilled a musical commitment to continue on the golden road of artistic independence. Approaching 20 years into our careers, we are still ambitious enough to push ourselves to create something unique that we have never done before.” The double dip will include 19 originals and a cover of Stephen Stills’ “So Many Times.” The studio recordings will also be available on a one disc vinyl release, also slated for September 1st. The work was done at Levon Helm’s (The Band) studio in Woodstock, NY and was produced by Paul Stacey, who worked with The Black Crowes in 2006 and 2008. The group will continue touring June 18th in New Hampshire and dates have been released through October 3rd, with marquees being shared with Levon Helm and Truth and Salvage Co.

--Will Hackett
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