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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Artist of the Day


In light of MJ's death, I feel as if it is important to honor his life’s devotion, pop music. La Roux is an English pop band that gained momentum in the UK during the past year featuring duo Elly Jackson on vocals and Ben Langmaid on the synth player. The electro-pop duo sounds a lot like something straight out of the 80’s fused with the synth. La Roux has brought us a new self-titled short album featuring a song entitled “Quicksand” worth checking out. Jackson has a high falsetto shrieking voice but not as high as Mariah Carey. Her voice is unlike anything I have ever heard before, somehow sounding sweet and bizarre simultaneously. This new wave/electronic/pop/indie duo…whatever they are, have something worth raving about. Literally. This music is perfect for the dance floor. Expect them on top of the charts in the near future. Meanwhile, check out “Bulletproof,” “In for the Kill” and “Quicksand.”

-Sarah Saltzman

Currently listening to: "Distractions" by Zero 7 from Simple Things

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