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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bono on Broadway

Bono is at it again. Seemingly able to infiltrate nearly every niche that the entertainment industry has to offer, he is currently at work on his newest project: Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark, a Broadway musical. Bono and the Edge wrote the music and lyrics to the musical, which is set to open up for preview performances in seven months. Bono says that he got involved with the project because he felt there were strong parallels between rock stars and comic book heroes, and the fans of rock stars and comic books are very similar. In an interview with Bono and the Edge, Bono says they were both very excited “to mess with all these aspects of pop culture, put them in a blender and see what comes out on the other end.” The official website for the musical is up and running ( According to the site, tickets for American Express card users go on sale in exactly two weeks (June 24th) and tickets open up to the rest of the public on September 12th. The musical officially opens up February 18th. A super crime fighting comic book hero on Broadway singing the tunes of Bono should be worth the wait, though. Check out this interview with Bono and the Edge as they talk a little more about this very unique and interesting project…

-Laurie Moot

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