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Monday, June 29, 2009

No Date Set for Jackson Funeral


Joe Jackson said today that the funeral for his son will not be held until a second private autospoy is completed. Al Sharpton, seen with Joe outside of the family home, told reporters for the Ottawa Citizen the Jacksons' wants to be "careful and deliberate on how they plan the celebration of his life." Rumor has it the family of the deceased will plan a large funeral with friends, family and fans all welcome to attend. Q100 Atlanta radio station claims some Atlanta fans (who had never met the pop star) have missed work since Jackson’s death because they have been so distraught over the tragedy…seriously?

Another rumor about Michael spread last week due to a report published in a British newspaper telling citizens Michael Jackson died emaciated and bald but the coroner in L.A. told the public the report was inaccurate today. The Sun reported Jackson to only weigh 112 pounds at time of death with needle wounds along his hips, thigh and shoulders. Jackson had an addiction to pain killers in 1993 but supposedly kicked the habit.

-Sarah Saltzman

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