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Monday, June 8, 2009

News Quickies: Jay-Z, The Everybodyfields, Brett Micheals

Jay-Z announces album drop date (finally!)
We have been impatiently waiting for so long, but Hova has finally tossed us a bone. Well, actually, it was Billboard who reported that the heavily-hyped Blueprint 3 will hit the streets September 11. The record will come out on Jay-Z’s own label.

The Everybodyfields are breaking up (oh no!)
It’s a sad day, because after six years, the wonderful little band from Johnson City , Tenn. are breaking up to pursue solo projects. We wish them good luck on those projects and hope for a reunion tour.

Brett Michaels is injured at the Tonys (haha!)
While performing at the Tony awards, Mr. Rock of Love was hit in the head by a piece of set and was knocked to the ground. Apparently, the rocker missed his mark. The extent of the rocker/reality show star/gross creepy man are unknown. Wonder if the head injury will affect his healthy self image?

-Lindsey Lee
Currently listening to: “Love Like a Sunset, Pt. 1” by Phoenix
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