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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

In the Eyes of MTV, All the World’s A Stage


When I first heard that Eminem was “pranked” by Sacha Baron Cohen at the MTV Movie Awards, my initial response was, “Uh oh. Hasn’t MTV made Eminem mad enough at these events? Does Triumph the Insult Comic Dog ring any bells?” In a short article on Yahoo! News, the website stated that Cohen fell down from the ceiling to present the award for Best Male Performance, in character as “Bruno,” and dropped crotch-first, into Eminem’s face. Bodyguard’s immediately began pulling Cohen off of the rapper. After expressing his anger, screaming, “Are you serious? Get the **** off of me,” Eminem proceeded to storm out of the auditorium, leaving a visibly stunned Zac Efron to accept his award.

I did not get a chance to watch the Award’s but the story sounded interesting so I surfed the internet for a video of the incident. I came across an article written on (The Star-Ledger) which also provided a video of the Eminem/Bruno feud. I watched the video, and found that, like several of MTV’s other “reality television” shows cough, cough ‘The Hills’ cough, cough, everything seemed very staged. We have all seen Eminem in 8 Mile, we know this Detroit-born rapper knows how to act. Hell, even Efron looked like he was starring in a very bad off-broadway play.

Entertainment Weekly spoke with those in charge of production at the Award’s and they confirmed that Eminem was in on the prank and that Cohen and Em even rehearsed before last night’s show. Man MTV, what are you going to do next, stage the Real World? What about True Life? Does that network even know the meaning of the words ‘real’ or ‘true’? What about the meaning of the terms ‘music’ and ‘television’? (Now, that’s a good one.)

- Jessica Cole

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