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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

M83 Packs a Wallop


Sometimes even security guards need a good bitch slap, and who better to give them one than lead singer Anthony Gonzalez of M83.

During a July 18 show in Columbus, Ohio, the band invited fans up on stage to dance during the close of the concert. Fans came up to dance, and to begin with, the security guard gently removed some of the dancers from the stage. M83 told fans to come back on stage, thus ensued the unfriendly removing of fans from the stage by one of the security officers. Gonzalez saw this going on, yelled “Fuck you!” and not only slapped, but kicked one of the event officials.

Don’t believe me? Well, here’s the video that shows it all.

The St. Louis Riverfront Times interviewed Gonzalez after the show at Ohio State University’s Wexner Center for the Art’s and the front man explained the reason for his actions:

"The security guard started to act violent with the kids, and they were just kids. So I really didn't like that, and that's the reason why I was a bit violent as well."

Gonzalez was not arrested or detained for the incident. But, man, the only thing missing was the baby powder . . . SMACK!

- Jessica Cole

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