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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Brooke Hogan: Trashy or just too Flashy?


Brooke Hogan released her new album Redemption two days ago. From what I have heard, the music is completely auto-tuned and nothing short of absolutely ridiculous. The artwork on the cover of the album depicts Hogan as a muscular, orange angel in a sexy pose. Really? I’m going to label this one a little on the trashy side. One of her fan’s posted on a blog about her new album,

“Wow. There’s just so much to take in here. Who decided to have her flex her giant left biceps? Who drew that face? Something about the eyes isn’t right. Why is her hair white? I guess it goes with the angel motif. And what’s with that, anyway? I guess The Redemption is supposed to evoke some sort of religious imagery. Bad call on everyone’s part. Brooke is a beautiful girl who may or may not have a bit of performance talent. Problem is, they keep packaging her as something she can’t successfully be.”

-Sarah Saltzman
Currently listening to: “Paul Revere” by The Beastie Boys

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  1. You're the bitch cause Brooke doesn't have a single talented bone in her body, therefore there's nothing to be jealous of!!!!!! HA!!