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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Artist of the Day: Hollyweerd

Recently formed Hollyweerd makes unique sounds by combining jazz, new wave, rap, techno, funk and hip-hop. The band formed November 2007 in Atlanta and is made up of four musicians, going by the names of Dreamer, The Love Crusader, Tuki and Stago Lee. “Weerdo” and “Go Hard or Go Home” have propelled Hollyweerd into the music scene and demand for more shows not just in the Atlanta area but in Los Angeles and New York City as well. If you are in Atlanta tomorrow, check them out at Lenny’s Atl at 9:00 pm.

Who’s Who: Dreamer, The Love Crusader, Tuki and Stago Lee (everything)

Formed: 2007, Georgia

Label: A.D.D.

Latest Release: Candy for Kleptos mix tape
On the web:

-Sarah Saltzman

Currently listening to: “Brand New Colony” by The Postal Service

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