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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Jim James Changes Name With George Harrison Tribute


With My Morning Jacket on hiatus, frontman Jim James has taken some time to work on a solo project: a tribute to George Harrison. James, who has always been ecclectic in his actions, has proven, yet again, that he can not be predicted. While most of James’ focus has been on the Monsters of Folk project, he has set aside some time to work on the six-song EP entitled Tribute To and is to be released under the name Yim Yames.

The name change is intentional, although it is unknown why the Y’s were chosen. "I go through different phases," James says. "I enjoy all the contributions the Beatles made, but at this point in my adult life, I'd say yes, I listen to George's music the most." Harrison fans should be excited, especially because the disc delivers all those therapeutic moments you'd want from a tribute album.

James really isn't doing much press for the EP, but he did share memories of his personal Beatles history: "I remember as a kid, hearing that hoax McCartney was dead," he says. "And then seeing the cover of 'Sgt. Peppers,' and seeing their wax figures there and thinking that those were really their dead bodies and that the Beatles were all dead but somehow still making music. I was very freaked out by that for some time." Rock on Jim James, rock on.

-Will Hackett
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