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Monday, July 20, 2009

BLUR news: Editor-in-Chief Nicole Black stepping down, effective immediately

Editor-in-Chief Nicole Black has resigned from her position at Athens Blur Magazine, effectively immediately. Please see below for a letter from Nicole, explaining what was surely a difficult decision.

Dear Readers,

Change can be a good thing. Although memories of the past are irreplaceable, perhaps the restoration of Georgia Theatre will result in a more superior music venue. And speaking of change, after much deliberation, I will be resigning my position as Editor-in-Chief here at Blur magazine. I have taken on great responsibility with another business venture that limits my time to contribute further to this magazine. I have learned several invaluable lessons during this journey that I will carry with me on my next endeavor. I will always support and stand by this magazine I co-created over a year ago. The magazine is in excellent hands and will continue to flourish and improve over the course of time. Thank you, Athens musicians and fans of music, for allowing this magazine to be a part of this incredible music scene we have here. Feel free to stop by anytime to say hi to me at the Alibi.

As always, keep rockin’.


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