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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Band Announces Name Change Contest


Portland's electro-pop dance group Starfucker announced today that it plans to change its name.  And it wants its fans to come up with a better one. Nothing is really wrong with the name Starfucker, aside from that fact that it has the word "fucker" in it. Other than that it seems great.

The guys in the band have grown weary of their name, though. On their Myspace page they said, "We know our name sucks" and encouraged fans to send in new name ideas. Entries should be sent to the band's Myspace; fans can then vote on Myspace, Facebook or in person at the merch booth during one of the band's shows. The lucky fan who comes up with the winning name "will get tons of cool shit," and, reportedly, a live performance at their home. Starfucking house party!

Many fans have commented on Myspace that they don't want the band to change names, but in the end it has to be a good thing. It's hard to imagine the group garnering much commercial success or big-time popularity with a name that many people wouldn't even utter loudly in public. It's hard to imagine any of the four members' moms being too happy about the name either (My mom would probably be upset about the amount of times the word "fucker" was typed in the last five minutes. Sorry, Mom).

The group is currently on tour — their last under the current moniker — and will return to the studio to record this fall, with new name in tow.

-Kristen Callihan
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  1. I'm telling Susan you said fucker. You're really gonna get it now, KC.