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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Artist of the Day: Shawn Mullins


Shawn Mullins is a story teller. And like all good story tellers, he writes about the people and places he encounters along this trip called life. One story in particular about a girl who “grew up with the children of the stars” resonated with fans across the country. “Lullaby” is a song Mullins wrote after a fan shared her story over dinner--a few lines written in his journal became the singer-songwriter’s most recognized story to date.

But, Mullins is far from an overnight success.

His grandfather gave him a drum set when he was just four years old, and it proved to be the spark that fueled his fire. By the time he was twelve he had formed his very own rock band and picked up the guitar, bass, cello and piano.

School wasn’t easy for the musician. He dealt with depression and attention deficit disorder and eventually dropped out of high school. But, Mullins finished later at an alternative school and decided to enroll at North Georgia College, a military college in Dahlonega, Ga. Upon graduating college, he was commissioned in the U.S. Army Airborne Infantry and based at Fort Benning, Ga. There, he performed at local music venues, as well as produced and released his first two albums on his own record label.

After eventually leaving the military, Mullins put all his focus on his music. He made a decision to launch his own record label when years of sending out demos proved to be a waste of time. SMG Records is venture that proved to be very beneficial for Mullins--producing artists like Matthew Kahler and Josh Joplin.

In 1998, Soul’s Core, the album containing the hit, “Lullaby” was released on SMG. But, the incredible success that came along with the single eventually resulted in Mullins signing with Columbia Records.The song also landed Mullins a Grammy Award nomination.

To skip ahead 10 years, Mullins is still going strong. His latest album, honeydew, was released in March of 2008 and is story-telling at its best. Mullins sings about the homeless guy down the street, being young and trying to find your way in a too-big world and just the trials of life. In a statement from his official website, Mullins explains:

“These new songs are character sketches of people I’ve come across and places I’ve traveled through. Some of my earlier records were set in specific parts of the country; like the West Coast on Soul’s Core. This one is about the South, what has changed and what hasn’t changed. It has to do with what I’m seeing around me, and telling stories that haven’t really been told.”

In the song “Home”, he sings, “Hobos, tramps and troubadours don’t ride in box cars like they did before. It seems like most of my heroes just aren’t around anymore…”

His brilliant song writing skills are also showcased in the song “Toes” from the Zac Brown Band’s album The Foundation, which is now certified platinum.

Mullins is coming to the south to share his stories at Athens’ near and dear venue, the Rialto Room, on November 13, and he is sure to take his audience on a journey they won’t forget.

Who’s Who: Shawn Mullins
Formed: Dahlonega, Ga
Label: SMG/Columbia Records
Latest Release: honeydew (2008)
On the web:

-Ashley Thompson
currently listening to "Home" by Shawn Mullins
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