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Friday, September 18, 2009

The Flaming Lips Want You Naked


There are a lot of bike riders in Athens. People ride their bikes to class or just casually to and fro, enjoying the city’s beautiful backdrop. However, (apart from my imagination) I have yet to see a NAKED cycler.

Maybe the Flaming Lips thought the same thing, and that’s why they’re recruiting a horde of confident, bare souls to be in their upcoming video.

“Watching the Planets,” the single from the band’s latest album Embryonic will begin shooting for its music video on September 23 in Portland, Oregon’s Mount Tabor and will feature a bunch of stark naked cyclists.  The band is inviting anyone who is eager and willing to participate.
According to Coyne, the concept for the video will include an infamous giant space bubble covered in fake fox fur giving birth to nude bicyclers. You know, your normal music video essentials.

-Ashley Thompson
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