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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Perry Debunks Aerosmith Breakup Buzz

After the recent cancellation of Aerosmith’s tour, following Steven Tyler’s fall off stage in South Dakota, relations between the band members seemed a bit on the rocks. Perry mentioned that he hadn’t spoken with Tyler in over five weeks and didn’t know when the two would converse again. Many fans and Internet gossip sites took this statement as the possible end to Aerosmith’s long career. Say it ain’t so.

Relief came to many when Perry spoke to the Boston Globe and assured Aerosmith followers that the band is only on a break saying “Maybe we have three more records in us. Maybe we have five [and] seven years of touring.” Though Perry still hasn’t spoken to Tyler since the early end to their recent tour, Perry insists that the two’s speaking hiatus is not permanent and on of them will make the call—be it Perry or Tyler.

Fans won’t have to hold their breath for long. As far as Perry in concerned, Aerosmith is headed to Maui in mid-October to perform to make up for cancelling in Hawaii two years ago.

-Marie Baginski
Currently listening to “Walk This Way” by Aerosmith

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