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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Radiohead's Drummer Picks Up the Mic


Phil Selway, the drummer for genre-busting band Radiohead, has put aside the drum sticks and has picked up the microphone, as he begins work on his first solo album.

Selway, who has already released two songs on the 7 Worlds Collide: The Sun Came Out benefit album (set to release in America on September 29), already has a few impressive names attached to his new project. 

Wilco drummer Glenn Kotche and multi-instrumentalist Pat Sansone have both signed on to collaborate with Selway, as well as singer-songwriter Lisa Germano and bassist Sebastian Steinberg formally of Soul Coughing.  All of these artists also contributed to the 7 Worlds Collide album.

No further information on the solo project has been released, but if you’re curious to hear what the Radiohead drummer’s voice sounds like, click here to listen to a sample of “The Ties That Bind Us.”  The track was written by Selway, and he sings and plays acoustic guitar. 

-          Jessica Cole 

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