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Monday, September 14, 2009

Artist of the Day: Allison Weiss

Not many artists can start out a set with the words “This is a song I wrote about someone when I was really pissed off…and it goes like this.” Short and sweet, or perhaps bitter sweet, best illustrates the drive behind Allison Weiss’ music. We’re not saying she’s complaining…it’s more like she’s telling you all her deepest secrets without trying to totally bum you out. Weiss writes what she knows. On the stage, she spills her “secrets”; or so she calls her tell-all songs about boys, love, and the ultimate woes of life.

Hailing from small-town Athens, Georgia, Weiss has had plenty of practice displaying her talents in one of the best college music scenes in the nation. She has gone from sticking up posters and stickers to get her name out in the beginning, to a known and respected artist in Athens.

Starting out small back in 2005, here solo career had her working hard and it paid off in the end. In 2007, Weiss added a band to her solo act and consequently, her career began to blossom. Over the next few years, she played AthFest ’07 and ’08, won multiple awards in local publications and played gig after gig in all of Athens’ famed music venues. Touring and an online fan base took Weiss nationwide. She released her first album, An Eight-Song Tribute… in 2007 followed by her newest album, Alison Weiss & The Way She Likes It—available on iTunes.

This past summer, she uprooted to go on a nationwide “Quest for Glory” tour and no doubt gained herself a few nods along the way. Now she has come back to Athens to spread the love among those who initially supported her in her musical career. Catch Weiss at the 40Watt on Saturday, September 19th (this weekend).

Who’s Who: Allison Weiss
Formed: 2005 (added band in 2007)
Label: Independent
Latest Release: Allison Weiss & The Way She Likes It (2008)
On the web:

-Marie Baginski
Currently listening to “The End” by Allison Weiss

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