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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

From Cardinal to Columnist


Ryan Adams: Singer, songwriter, producer, Mandy Moore boy toy… video game blogger? Sure.

Adams announced his departure from his band, The Cardinals, at the beginning of this year and in his blog, Cardinal Cave, he talked about taking a “step back from all of this”, “this” apparently meaning music and his personal blogs. But, he’s back- sort of.

D.R. Adams (David Ryan) is now a contributor to The Awl, a site that touches on anything from town hall meetings to the “pipi”-filled streets of France. Adams’ specialty, among others, is video games. His column, aptly named Long Player, begins with his first (and only so far) post entitled,“Gorf, The End of the World, And The Legacy of Danzig.” Here, Danzig is God and Gorf ,“is one of the coolest classic Golden Age games out there.” The post even includes a tutorial video where Adams showcases the merit of Gorf’s majesty. Honestly, would you expect any less?

He promises his readers there will be more of his long-winded, spastic (NOT bi-polar) columns to come. In the mean time I guess we can all “keeping surfing the web and stuff.”
-Ashley Thompson
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