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Friday, September 4, 2009

Former Echo and the Bunnymen Member Killed in Wreck


BBC reported that Echo and Bunnymen's former keyboardist Jake Brockman died Tuesday night after colliding with a converted ambulance on the Isle of Man, a self governing Crown dependency located in the center of the British Isles.

Brockman, also known as the “Fifth Bunnyman” became an official, full-time member of the band in 1989.

In a statement made by Brockman’s wife, Sally Mundy, explained that “Music was central to Jake’s life.”

Brockman was taken to the Isle’s Noble’s Hospital where he later passed away from injuries.

In 1989, the band's first drummer, Peter De Freitas also died after a motorcycle accident. Kind of an eerie example of history repeating itself.

Echo and the Bunnymen have dedicated their Website to their former band member, and the homepage simply reads, “Our thoughts are with his wife, family & friends.”

- Jessica Cole

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