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Monday, September 14, 2009

Beyonce has CLASS...Kanye is an ASS

Too follow up the previous blog of egotistical, bleep bleep bleep Kanye West, I would like to point out how artists with morals and class handle these sticky situations.

After winning video of the year, Beyonce took the stage with what we can only imagine was a mixture of joy and embarrassment. Leave it to the class-act Beyonce to invite Taylor Swift back on stage to enjoy her moment in the limelight.

Above: check out Beyonce being a bomb non-diva and setting Kanye straight.

Beyonce and Taylor are two simply astonishing artists who deserve every award handed to them. Kanye, on the other hand, is an ass.

-Marie Baginski
Currently listening to "You Belong With Me" by Taylor Swift

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