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Friday, September 11, 2009

Oh, That’s Why Christina Milian Got Married!

Christina Milan and now-fiancé, The Dream, tied the knot at the super romantic Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas. Just ask Britney Spears, she got married there and it lasted forever—NOT. Thought Spears was just overly intoxicated, there is a rumor Milan has other reasons for marriage.

Even though it just happened a week ago, Milan and The Dream’s quickie nuptials are so old news. The real gossip is that Milan is now preggers and that might be the only reason he put a ring on it. According to sources close to the couple, this was not the case and marriage in a fast-food wedding chapel was the plan all along. Come on, that’s believable.

My future wedding plans have always been shotgun in Vegas followed up with a reception at Shoney’s—sans baby, of course.

-Marie Baginski
Currently listening to “Livin’ A Lie” by The Dream (Feat. Rhianna)

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