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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New Evidence Surfaces in Death of Brian Jones


A real life cold case investigation is underway in the death of Brian Jones, the Rolling Stones’ multi-instrumentalist who was found at the bottom of his swimming pool in in July 1969.

Reuters reported on August 31 that British police were re-opening the case after gaining new evidence from an investigative journalist.

Jones, according to Keith Richards, came up with the band’s name after being asked by a venue owner what to call the group of British rockers. At that moment a Muddy Waters album was lying on the floor with the first track title reading, “The Rollin’ Stone Blues.” The rest is history.

If only everything was as cut-and-dry.

The official cause of Jones’ death was labeled as a “death by misadventure” but Anne Wohlin, Jones’ girlfriend who was present at his home in East Sussex when he was discovered, tells a different side of the story, saying she believed he was alive when he was lifted from the pool and that foul play may have been involved.

The new information and its source have not been revealed but Reuters quoted a spokesman for the Sussex Police who said, “These papers will be examined by Sussex Police but it is too early to comment at this time on what the outcome will be.”

Uncovering old wounds is never a happy time, especially for Jones’ family, friends or fans, but if this new information leads us closer to the truth then maybe this Rolling Stone can finally find his resting place.

- Jessica Cole

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