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Friday, September 11, 2009

Mr. Russia, Free EP


You might think you’ve accidently put in Death From Above 1979 when you press play on your cassette player (yes, the band released cassette tapes only of their latest EP) but then you hear Lindi on the synthesizer and are reassured you’re listening to Chicago’s own Mr. Russia.

When describing the band, words like “blunt” and “snark” are often used, no doubt in response to the band’s frank, in your face lyrics. Ivan’s voice is actually very monotone and impassive, but the emotion his voice lacks is quickly made up by the band’s expressive, and maybe a bit disturbing at times, lyrics.

Training for the Gameshow Host, a six song EP on Lens Records, was released today. Go to to get your free download.

Mr. Russia is complete with two bassists, a synthesizer and drums. No guitar--that would just complicate things. They’ve been described as the “bastard offspring of Iggy Pop and the White Stripes” and uniquely blend garage rock with pop-though I wouldn’t dare say it their face. When I first heard Mr. Russia, I was a little confused and a little undecided, but after a few plays of “Wooden Heart” I actually dig’em.

-Ashley Thompson

Currently listening to “Training of the Gameshow Host” by Mr Russia

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