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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Weezer Teams Up With Armed-Blanket Sensation, The Snuggie

Two powerhouses, the spunky band boys of Weezer and the creators of the remote-accessible Snuggie, are getting together to promote the band’s newest album, Ratitude. The LP is currently up for grabs at the Amazon MP3 Store. However, for a limited time, you can get Ratitude for free with a $30 dollar purchase of the Wuggie—a snuggie with “Weezer” printed across the chest.

Though the idea fits the band’s quirky persona, the team up with Snuggie may not be as lucrative in sales as they may hope. The Snuggie’s status is slowly declining like a fad gone badly. The blankets have become somewhat of an underground craze turned mainstream… and, like in the music world, this sometimes leads to loss of popularity.

However, with the band’s adamant promotion of the “hot ticket item” its possible that the Wuggie will gain media hype, much like Ratitudes’ unusual cover art.

For once an infomercial is worth watching:

Are you a huge Weezer fan who needs the most quality Snuggie available? Hunt down the Safari Snuggie (only $20 dollars more than those boring Snuggie solids) and a deluxe addition copy of the album at the band's official Wuggie website. Perhaps your not a fan of the blanket with arms? Ratitude is still availble for only $3.99 at the Amazon MP3 store, sans Snuggie.

-Marie Baginski
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