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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Court rules Nuçi’s Space must pay property taxes

Nuçi’s Space will now have to pay property taxes on its Oconee Street property according to a ruling by the Georgia State Court of Appeals.  The Appeals Court's decision overturns the Clarke County Superior Court ruling that Nuçi’s Space, a nonprofit, is exempt from property taxes.

This case hinges on a 2006 law that exempts nonprofits from property taxes applies and whether that law applies to nonprofits that operate like businesses. A three-judge panel from the Appeals Court said that Nuçi's commercial activities, such as renting the space for birthday parties, weddings and band practice, were not used exclusively to fund the organizations charitable endeavors.

Nuçi’s Space is "dedicated to promoting the emotional, physical and occupational well-being of the music community."

There has so far been no comment from Nuçi’s Space Executive Director Bob Sleppy.

-Kristen Callihan

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