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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New venue lives up to name

Some of Athens greatest charms are the quaint restaurants and bars found in itss beautiful downtown. Pick any day of the week and you can stumble upon an open mic night, live bands or just a good spot to have a beer.

But, Athens has just upped the ante. What is soon becoming one of our most notable venues; The Rialto Room has all the ingredients for a great night out. Its classy and ambient atmosphere is a nice change from a rowdy group of college kids, and its friendly staff will leave you feeling pampered all night.

The Rialto Room is engineered for impeccable sound quality and its intimate setting makes the perfect stage for its impressive lineup this season. Shawn Mullins was the latest artist to grace the stage, and his performance only confirmed what this remarkable venues has to offer (well, it doesn’t hurt that he’s one the area’s most talented artist, but still)

As an audience member, you could hear each strum of the guitar and every word of the lyrics—some people even yelled out song requests, which were happily answered. For Shawn especially, the setting was ideal for his story-telling and his wide vocal range was only complemented by the room’s great acoustics.

Sure, you can expect to pay for than a $5 cover for the experience, but rest assured you will get what you paid for—and probably a whole lot more.

--Ashley Thompson

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