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Friday, November 6, 2009

Lil Wayne Gets Baked . . . into a Cake

You know that show on the Food Network called Ace of Cakes where those artistic bakers make really intricate cake delicacies? Did you ever see them make one of a celebrity?

I’m not sure if they have. I’ve only seen the show a couple of times, but taking a number straight out of their book, another cake baking pro company, Rosebud Cakes located in Beverly Hills, Calif., took on a celebrity request.

30 Rock actor Alec Baldwin and his wife, actress Kim Basinger, ordered a cake shaped like none other than mixtape guru, Lil Wayne for their daughter Ireland Basinger-Baldwin’s birthday.

The dreads are made of licorice, the shades are made of chocolate, and the teeth are, pardon the use of this retired word, but blingin’ just like the self proclaimed Best Rapper Alive.

All the cake needs now is a .40 caliber gun made of red hots to really capture Wayne’s essence.

P.s. – Wayne’s new mixtape No Ceilings is out now. The rapper goes back to his Drought 3 roots by rapping over popular beats such as Jay-Z’s “Run this Town” and FLY’s “Swag Surfin’.”

- Jessica Cole

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