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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Jackson family reality show coming in December


Michael Jackson. Those two words have become two of the biggest earners this year. "This Is It," a movie comprised of Jackson rehearsal footage, earned millions and millions of dollars during its first two-week run in theaters, MJ's albums have been back on the top of best-seller lists and Jackson's children can't get their hair cut without the entire world hearing about it. So the Jackson family has decided to capitalize on this MJ mania by starring in their own six-part reality mini series.

"The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty" will chronicle the lives of the Jacksons — in particular his brothers and former Jackson 5 members Tito, Marlon, Jermaine and Jackie — since their brother's death.

Why anyone should  really care what Tito, Marlon, Jermaine and Jackie have been up to the last couple of months isn't quite clear, but the show will probably have pull in a gazillion viewers and earn A&E lots of money, further perpetuating the trend of turning deceased celebrities into cash cows.

The series will debut on A&E  December 13, and you can see a short preview here.

-Kristen Callihan
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