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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Show pick of the day: Classic Bastards @ Caledonia Lounge


With their Myspace assuring you “you will literally love us to death” need I say more?

Sure, Classic Bastards are a little…odd —but that’s what makes them so charming. Their funk-metal is captivating; the kind of way watching Jerry Springer is entertaining. You don’t want to admit you’ve spent an hour watching some guy’s babymamma pull the hair out of the another girl’s head, but still found yourself yelling at the TV when the paternity test was announced. The Bastards will be providing their shameless entertainment tomorrow at Caledonia Lounge to welcome in their latest album Literally.

The three-piece combines ridiculous lyrics , bass, guitar and drums in way that begs you to jump around ( or at least nod your head a bit when no one’s looking). Check’em out!

--Ashley Thompson

Currently listening to “Pepsi” by Classic Bastards
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