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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

No Doubt sues over video game avatars


Rock star avatars are causing a lot of trouble recently. First there was the whole mess with Courtney Love and the creators of "Guitar Hero 5" over Kurt Cobain's avatar in the game. Now, Gwen Stefani and her No Doubt band mates are up in arms over their likenesses in the "Band Hero" game.

The members of No Doubt are now suing Activision, the company that produces "Band Hero," because they are unhappy with the way their avatars can be used in the game.  They have brought charges of fraudulent inducement and breach of contract, claiming that the game has made them into “a virtual karaoke circus act.”

Just like Cobain in "GH5," the virtual No Doubters can be made to perform any of the songs in the game's repertoire — meaning you could have a Stefani avatar belting out everything from the Jackson 5's "ABC" to Taylor Swift's "You Belong with Me."

Activision has so far neglected to change the game in response to No Doubt's complaints.

-Kristen Callihan
currently listening to "Postcards from Italy" by Beirut

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