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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lady Gaga's Take On A Love Song: "Bad Romance" Video

The music world is having a little bit of Lady Gaga overload. Gaga's collaboration with Beyonce on "Telephone" quickly followed "Bad Romance," and it may be stealing its spotlight. But, Bad Romance is not to be overlooked.

Truth is, the image of a hanging, bloody Lady Gaga at the VMA awards is hard to get out of mind ... but the Gaga has a heart (a real, feeling one) and it looks like she's ready to show it (kind of). Bad Romance seems about as close as Gaga fans are going to get from their beloved disco-pop diva, and I don't see anyone complaining. Had she slowed it down anymore than she did in "Bad Romance," it wouldn't be Gaga-fied and might even — gasp — be boring.

Seeing as The Lady Gaga is NEVER boring — in fact she usually incorporates some kind of shock factor in everyone song, video and musical performance —"Bad Romance's" music video is, for lack of a better word, completely gaga. Artisically done, "Bad Romance" takes a new twist on Gaga's previous electro-hits.

Not to mention. In "Bad Romance," Gaga actually looks pretty at some parts of the video. Whaaa?

Song after song, Gaga is climbing the charts and setting records with #1 hits galore. Only one fear remains ... her up and coming competition:

-Marie Baginski
Currently listening to "Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga

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