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Monday, November 2, 2009

New Spoon album out in January


Indie rockers Spoon have been relatively quiet since the release of 2007's Ga Ga Ga Ga. So, the announcement that the Austin, Texas, based band will release its new album on January 26, 2010, comes as a pleasant bit of news for Spoon-hungry fans. Transference will be Spoon's 7th full-length release.

Judging from Spoon's discography, it's not real surprise that the band has waited two and a half years to release another LP.  Before Ga Ga Ga Ga, there was 2005's Gimme Fiction and three years earlier 2002's Kill the Moonlight. But if these albums are any indication, it's worth the wait, and fans can expect more of the band's consistently crafted indie pop rock.

Check out the Transference track listing:

1. Before Destruction
2. Is Love Forever?
3. The Mystery Zone
4. Who Makes Your Money
5. Written in Reverse
6. I Saw the Light
7. Trouble Comes Running
8. Goodnight Laura
9. Out Go the Lights
10. Got Nuffin
11. Nobody Gets Me But You

Look for Transference, from Merge Records, in stores and online next year.

-Kristen Callihan
currently listening to "Odiata per le Sue Virtu'" by Blonde Redhead

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