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Friday, November 6, 2009

Beatles' label suing U.S. music site


The Beatles' label EMI has just filed a law suit against a U.S. web site over.  The legal jargon amoutns to something along these lines: Web site sells Beatles songs on the cheap. EMI angry. You won't like EMI when its angry.

EMI is suing, claiming that the U.S. site sold Beatles' tracks without consent from the label.  A wide selection of Beatles songs were available for just $0.25 each from BlueBeat.  Sounds good, right? EMI doesn't think so —  the label and the remaining members of the Fab Four have not yet reached an agreement to allow the sale of the music online, not even through iTunes.

The lesser-known music download site now faces charges of copyright infringement from mega giant label EMI. Good luck with that, BlueBeat.

In other Beatles news, the Beatles in Stereo remastered is now available on a 16GB USB drive.  The apple-shaped holder of all things Beatle is an exclusive item, with only 30,000 being produced. Check out the Beatles Website for more info.

-Kristen Callihan
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