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Monday, November 9, 2009

Rammstein's "Liebe ist Für Alle Da" Banned From German Shelves

Rammstein believes there's no such thing as grass being green on either side. They prefer, rotting decaying trees on a barren waste land. Think that's going to far? Not if you know anything about Rammstein. A majority of their vocals consist of the goth screech and, though their lyrics are in German, the topic matter is evidently dark through their performance and obsession with all things gruesome and dangerous. These guys are the epitome of freaky.

Take their newest album, Liebe ist Für Alle Da (Love Is For All), which has just been banned from shelves in Germany because of its depictions of sadism and masochism. This isn't a American book burning of classic The Catcher in the Rye ...
we're talking a progressive society who centers around sexual freedom, etc. taking an album off the shelves for inappropriate material. Rammstein must have produced some pretty f-ed up stuff in Liebe ist Für Alle Da, which shouldn't surprise fans of the band in the least.

For hard rockers and head bangers alike, Rammstein is huge in both Europe and the U.S for being hardcore, moshpit-inducing music. But the reason for banning the album from stands surrounds the influence this type of music has on impressionable young minds. What does screaming about death and such do to our youth? That's a whole other blog not going there.

Get a little taste of darkness below. Beware this is not appropriate for children or most adults:

-Marie Baginski
Currently listening to something happy so I won't have nightmares tonight.

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