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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Live Show Review: Minus the Bear


With a penchant for weird song and album titles "You Kill Bugs Good, Man", They Make Beer Commercials Like This), you might expect Minus the Bear's live show to be a little quirky. This wasn't the case when the five piece indie rockers played the 40 Watt on Thursday night.

The band played its guitar-driven, electo-tinged with no gimmicks.  The consistently good music needed no help to take the crowd by storm. After taking the stage, MTB broke into "Knight" from its 2007 album Planet Ice, and the concertgoers' fists starting pumping. 

Playing several new songs, MTB gave concertgoers a promising preview of its upcoming album (expected to be realeased early next year).  These new tunes relied a little more on funkier beats and frontman Jake Snider's vocals than on the layered guitar sounds of older MTB material.

MTB continued to rock the crowd for a nearly 90 minute set, closing with one of the highlights of the night, "Absinthe Party at the Fly Honey Warehouse."  Any drinking song — even if it's about drinking red wine in Europe — is sure to be a favorite in Athens, and "Absinthe Party" was a rollicking way to end the set. As the band played the song's first few notes, the excitement grew and fans were ready to hear MTB burst into full swing. 

The two-song encore further expanded this sweaty, noisy rock out session and ended MTB's performance with as much energy and well-played music as it had to start.

-Kristen Callihan
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